Alps Azumino National Government Park

Omachi & Matsukawa Region
Facility Information

Views and natural scenery

Sky corridor

An elevated walking path that leads from the park’s entrance all the way to the depths of the forest. Its elevation varies from between 6 and 9 meters above ground, allowing you to lay hands upon trees that are normally too high to touch. Have the high ground and enjoy gazing upon the scenes the park has to offer from the perspective of birds and other animals. (Closed in winter)

Nature walks

The park, situated within the stunningly beautiful nature of the Northern Japan Alps, offers a variety of environments such as forests, streams, and fields for visitors to enjoy. Each location’s natural scenery changes with the seasons, allowing you to enjoy your strolls in different ways at any time of year.

1. Colorful Woods

An area packed with soaring, subalpine trees such as maples and Japanese red pines. Whether it’s taking advantage of the cool shade under the newly green trees in summer or viewing a kaleidoscope of colors in the fall, the colorful woods can be enjoyed in all seasons.

2. Mountain Stream Picnic Area

Think of how relaxing it is to stroll through a grove of trees accompanied by the soft murmur of nearby streams. Step into an ancient environment with megalithic rock formations from the ice age that still remain. The location is also well known as a prime spot for viewing azaleas.

3. Woodworker’s grove

Walk along a path nestled within oaks and Japanese red pines before arriving at the woodworker’s house. This restored building was once used by a woodworker as a place to sleep and store their tools.

Experience programs

Forest experience house

Enjoy cooking and crafting with the blessings of the forest.
All activities are indoors, so they can even be enjoyed rainy days.

1. Crafting workshop
1) Crafting with natural materials

Use twigs, nuts, and other naturally found materials to craft your very own original works.

- Price 200yen per item
- Required time: 45 - 60 min

2) Sand art

Use sand taken from the rivers within the park to draw your own pictures on wooden boards,or show off your skills in crafting your own pendant.

- Price 200yen per item
- Required time: 30 - 45 min

2. Food studio
1) Bamboo-rolled bread

Dough made from locally produced flour is rolled around a piece of bamboo almost 60 cm long and heated over charcoal. This aromatic, freshly baked bread with a mild flavor is quite popular.

- Price 200yen
- Required time: 15 - 20 min

2) Local cuisine (oyaki dumplings)

Oyaki is a regional Nagano dish similar to a steamed bun that has been stuffed to the very brim.

- Price 150yen per piece
- Required time: 25 - 30 min


Mountain biking(MTB)

Try out an off-roading experience you won’t soon forget with our mountain bike courses. Whether you are new to the hobby or a seasoned veteran, courses are available for beginners and experienced riders alike. A course for children of 8 years old or less is also open for riding. Rental bikes are available.
* You may bring your own bike, but there are some restrictions. Please contact us for more details.

- Period of operation: weekends and holidays during late April thru end of November
- Bike rental fee: 300yen per hour (free for young children)
- There is no fee for using a course or for renting a helmet and protectors

Indoor obstacle course(Grand Field Playhouse)

Many children love to play in this indoor obstacle course with large play equipment such as a net jungle gym, a ball pit, and more. Even on rainy days, you can have fun inside. Head to the terrace or deck when the weather is clear for a breath of fresh air and a gorgeous view of the mountains.

-For children aged 12 and under

Outdoor obstacle course(Forest Playground)

A hidden obstacle course can be found all throughout the forest. Available from spring to fall.

-For children aged 12 and under

Fun in the river

The beautifully clear Chigawa River forms in the Northern Alps and runs through the park, meaning visitors in summer can take a dip to beat the summer heat. Splash around in the cold waters of the river and breathe in the clear, mountain air (Shoes that cover your toes and heels are required so as to prevent foot injuries). Other fun events such as zip lining and children’s pool are also held in the summer.


Winter brings snow that transforms grassy plains into snowy fields. Children can enjoy sledding and snowboarding in the powdered snow. A variety of sleds are available for rental free of charge. Wintertime also sees a host of other activities, such as adventuring in a snow-white forest, enjoying hot food on a cold day, and other events.

Food & Drink


We offer our visitors both cafe and food menus filled with seasonal, locally grown selections.

Day camping (BBQ)

Enjoy a day of cooking with friends and family alike in the great outdoors. Reserving your area in advance is required. Guests are free to bring their own food or cooking equipment, but both can be prepared if you order at least 4 days in advance. There is no fee to use the facilities. To confirm which days are available or to make a reservation, please contact us .

Information center& Park train

Information center

Located at the park entrance, the information center can provide park information as well as information about the surrounding areas.

Park train

A vehicle with the look of a steam locomotive runs from the park entrance to the Grand Field Playhouse every 30 minutes. You may ride for free (available from the end of April to the beginning of November).