Alps Azumino National Government Park

Horigane & Hotaka Region
Fancility Information

Guide Center

Guide Center introduces the nature, culture, tourism, and industry of Azumino. You can check the interesting points of Azumino at the Center to enjoy learning about all of Azumino including the park.

Exhibition Center “Azumino School”

Entrance Hall

This is the entrance to the “Azumino School”.

There is the display of topographical model of Azumino.

And you can watch local fishes in the hall.

There is information on organized activities and quizzes.

Your new Azumino experience starts here. Enjoy learning!

Viewing Room

You will feel like riding on a hot air balloon in the room.

You can watch a short film of the beautiful scenery of the Northern Alps, and an introduction to the events throughout the four seasons of Azumino shown on two large screens.

Science Room

You can see close-up the fish living in the clear waters of Azumino and enjoy learning about flora and fauna from the Alps to the plains.

In the experiment room, you can see slides of flowers and winter buds in the Park.

Art Room

Various tools and painting materials are ready for you to experience craftwork, such as coaster making, using natural materials, thinned wood and stones.

There is also a shelf where craftwork is displayed.

Nature craft (20 to 90 min) Daily

You can experience various kinds of craftwork including making your own unique coaster, keyring, and castanets using thinned wood and stones.

※Payment for materials is required.

Social Studies Room

In this room, life in the 60’s and 70’s is recreated by an imitation of an old Japanese farmhouse that still remains in the Azumino area.

You can also experience soba(buckwheat) noodle making in this room.


I. A Local Specialty of Azumino (From 10:30 am, for 90min) Daily first 4 arrivals.

Soba(buckwheat)noodles are specialty of Shinshu. Nihaci(20% wheat to 80% buckwheat) soba noodles are made using buckwheat flour from Azumino.

You can learn here about the area’s close relationship with soba and how soba noodles are mede.

※The participation fee is 1600 yen (tax include).

II.Okohiru (rice balls) (From 11:00 am, for 60min) every Sunday first 20 arrivals.

Rice balls are made in the traditional way using an oven. You can enjoy eating okohiru, which farmers still eat today.

※The participation fee is 200 yen (tax include.)

Panoramic View Terrace

It is one of the photograph spot in the park.

You could see the panoramic views of the Azumino.

On a clear day, you can see Mt. Jonen from here.

Marshmallow Dome

It is the largest Air playground equipment in Nagano prefecture that you can use from spring to the autumn.

Mallet Golf

You can enjoy mallet golf of 1 course 18 holes. Equipment is available for free at Hotaka Gate.

Forest of Children

You can enjoy athletic in this forest.

Forest of Adventure

The largest playground in this park, play equipment connected with ropes between trees, slack line and wire act.

Field of flowers

There is much kind of flowers; you will enjoy it all four seasons with the landscape of the Northern Alps.

Restaurant “Azumino”

The maximum capacity is 92 people, specialties of the restaurant include zaru-soba(chilled buckwheat noodles), pork cutlet with Worcester sauce on rice, and ice cream made from Shinshu Highland milk.

You can also relax while looking at the stream.

Arbor & Water Mill

It reproduces the agriculture scenery of Azumino in the 1960’s (Showa era) and the farmhouse style arbor is available as a rest station.

Scenic View

From the Scenic View open space, you could overlook scenery of Azumino over Rice Terraces.